Energy Conservation

Paul Favret Talks About the Importance of Energy Conservation


Around two-thirds of the total energy used by Americans was wasted in 2018. That’s a lot of energy resources squandered that can be never got back. However, experts do believe that by 2050 it is possible to cut down the energy usage by as much as 60%. This can be done by simple energy conservation. Paul Favret mentions that energy conservation is an approach where people make a conscious decision to use less energy. By lowering the amount of energy used by them, people can contribute to slowing down fossil fuel depletion. In the end, this helps in cleaning up the environment.

Paul Favret shares a brief understanding of what makes energy conservation so vital

At the moment, fossil fuels like natural gas, coal, and oil are the key energy sources in the United States. Fossil fuels are non-renewable resources that are created deep down, within the surface of the Earth, over the course of millions of years. People across the world are using up fossil fuels rapidly. Therefore, they are bound to get exhausted eventually. To slow down this process, limiting energy consumption is extremely vital. The slower people burn the prime non-renewable resources, the more time they will have to develop alternative energy solutions prior to exhausting all fossil fuels.

It is also important to understand that fossil fuels have a huge negative impact on the environment.  Burning this fossil fuel leads to carbon dioxide emissions. These emissions ultimately contribute to global warming. Moreover, the burning of coal causes soot, smog, and acid rain. It even creates toxic air emissions that are liked to multiple medical conditions, including congenital disabilities and cancer.

As a person decides to limit their energy usage, they shall be lowering their negative impact on the environment. The longer people go without making major changes in their energy consumption, the greater shall the threat of global warming and climate change becomes. These environmental concerns can have a huge impact in the life of people in the long run.

When fossil fuels are burnt, they create a huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions. These gasses even include carbon dioxide. The greenhouse gas emissions tend to add up faster than the atmosphere can absorb them. This prevents the Earth from being able to maintain a stable temperature in a proper manner.

Global warming refers to the rising temperature of the planet. The side effects of the warming are classified as climate change.  These side effects are generally observed through certain events like rise in the sea level, wildfires, cold snaps, droughts, melting glaciers, hurricanes and more. Thankfully, it is possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by cutting down the use of energy.

Paul Favret mentions that taking steps to conserve energy can also help people to save money. The utility bill of a person is bound to reduce as they start using less energy at home. Right from the types of appliances they use to the electricity plan they are on, a few simple changes can majorly impact how much one spends on energy bills.

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