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Professional loan what are the conditions for obtaining.?


In France, professional Credit Card is the most common financing solution for financing, taking over or developing your business project. As its name suggests, it is intended to finance all your professional projects.

Generally requested from a banking establishment, the professional loan consists of asking a bank to finance all or part of the funds necessary for the creation or development of your business. This funding acts as support to start or boost your entrepreneurial project.This professional credit can be material (cars, equipment), immaterial (need for working capital, acquisition of shares) or even real estate (warehouse, offices). However, obtaining a business loan requires meeting several conditions which may vary from one bank to another  Credit Card.

In fact, when you submit your professional loan application, the bank will analyze and calculate various indicators in order to issue an opinion on your financing. The conditions used by lenders to grant you professional financing include  Credit Card:

Your self-financing capacity.

Allowing you to determine the resources that your company will generate through its operation, the self-financing capacity (CAF) allows the bank to calculate your repayment capacity and indirectly your borrowing   Credit Card capacity.

The amount of your equity

The calculation of your professional indebtedness with regard to your own funds is of capital interest for the bank. It allows him to assess the seriousness of your personal commitment, but also to measure the degree of solvency of your business creation or takeover project  Credit Card.

Your gross operating surplus.?

Allowing you to calculate your company’s ability to generate cash based solely on its operations, the gross operating surplus is a criterion taken into account by the bank to grant professional financing  Credit Card.Note that to obtain your professional loan, you must also have a coherent business plan and a balanced financial forecast.

Step 1: compiling the file

Whatever your project to undertake, any professional loan application must go through the assembly of a financing file. This file must include all the necessary elements to ensure the bank that the funds committed will be fully reimbursed on time.In general, it is a business plan which must contain all the information you need to know (market study, business model, legal form, etc.) about your project.

Step 2: interview with the banking institution

Considered an important and capital professional appointment, the meeting with your bank must be prepared with the greatest care. This is an opportunity to convince your banker to grant you the funds you want.In order to put the odds on your side, you must equip yourself with visual elements, take care of your physical appearance, but also the tone used with your interlocutor. You must show “white paw” and prove to the bank that the risk to be taken is very minimal.

Step 3: negotiating the terms

Once the constitution of the file and the interview with the banker finished, you must obtain the desired sums under the best conditions. This negotiation phase is very important. You must play the competition, mention your wish to change bank or play the loyalty card.

What are the documents required to obtain a business loan?

Professional credit can be requested to finance various business creation and development projects. As a result, the supporting documents to be provided vary according to the projects, but also to the banks. Here is an exhaustive list of the most requested documents.

Obtaining a pro loan: what are the points of vigilance?

Like the conditions of acceptance, the prohibitive criteria also vary according to the projects and the banking establishments.Filed and prohibited banking  : having a registered or prohibited banking status can be a blocking factor.Your company’s debt ratio  : this indicator must remain reasonable. A very high debt ratio can be prohibitive.Your personal banking behavior  : you must be solvent with no or very little direct debit rejection.

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