What is a Realistic Job Preview.?

What is a Realistic Job Preview.?


A realistic job preview is a discussion of the positives and negatives of a job to give the candidate an idea of ​​what to expect. This helps people decide if they are a good fit for a given position. Making informed choices can reduce employee turnover, reducing the likelihood of starting work and the disappointment or confusion resulting from not knowing essential job details. Many companies offer a realistic job overview early in the application process, which can take many forms.

Some companies offer videos to give people a daily insight into the workplace. The video will document working conditions and may include interviews with employees who talk about things they enjoy, such as benefits and a pleasant work environment, as well as downsides, such as working long hours or having to work weekends. -end. Other companies may offer written employee testimonials, often accompanied by a supplement to frequently asked questions to address specific concerns of future employees.

The questions provide insight into various work situations and conditions. Based on the responses, the interviewer can provide the applicant with more information about the position, as well as tips to help the candidate make a good decision on whether to pursue the application. For example, if a workplace expects self-direction from employees and an applicant says they prefer to be closely monitored and supervised, the interviewer could make them aware of the independent nature of the job, which would make the job less attractive.

Realistic job overviews can help employees prepare psychologically, in addition to building trust early on. Rather than painting an optimistic picture, the employer is candid and employees feel like they can rely on the word of their employers and supervisors. Honesty about less exciting or unpleasant aspects of the job assures people viewing the company that it is not hiding information in the hopes of tricking them into accepting contracts and giving them unpleasant surprises.

Companies can hire consultants to create a realistic job preview. The consultant will interview employees, review workplace manuals, and walk through the workplace to learn about working conditions, satisfaction levels, and company culture. Using this information and acting as an outsider, who may have a more neutral view of the company, the consultant prepares a realistic job overview to help the company in the application process. Companies can also work internally on such projects.

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