Recruitment tests 5 to find the ideal candidate

Recruitment tests 5 to find the ideal candidate.?


It is not easy to find the ideal candidate, especially when 65% of CVs are falsified . Fortunately, there are so-called recruitment tests: tools included in our recruitment  software to better detect the skills and attitudes of job candidates, beyond the CV.Nevertheless, when the moment to perform them arrives, we are faced with a wide variety of examples. How do you know which one to choose in each case?

The right selection of candidates is essential to avoid the costs associated with a bad hiring, and to reduce the rate of staff turnover and other frequent problems. The fact is that 50% of selection processes in France fail within an 18 month period . In addition, 16% of those hired leave their jobs within the first week, and 31% leave before six months, according to the job portal be Bee.

What’s the cause? Unfortunately, a bad recruitment results in a loss for the company corresponding to the double of the annual salary that the employee would have earned.Our software integrates a solution that automatically screens and selects the best candidates according to their suitability with the job description.

Skills Test

Thus, the tests and the psychometric tests make it possible to analyze the skills to which the candidate corresponds best and, above all, to identify those which are considered essential for the position. In other words, a candidate may score poorly in certain skills, and at the same time be the best prepared for the position, because he excels in those that are necessary.This recruitment tool is very reliable when it comes to analyzing the development of the employee’s potential, since it estimates with great precision the skills where each candidate will stand out.

Skills management

If you are interested in these personnel selection techniques, we have compiled the best personnel selection tests in the field of Human Resources. And, among them, there are methods for selecting personnel who have the most necessary professional skills and personal qualities for the position.

Our guide includes a host of recruiting tests and examples that you can download for free.

The objective of the selection tests is to check if the candidate corresponds to the position and the culture of the organization. During a simple interview, it will be possible to know how he expresses himself, and to ask him about his experience and his training. Thanks to these specific recruitment tests it is possible to check these and other aspects more deeply.It is a tool to screen candidates once the resume has been reviewed.

However, this screening must have been done correctly.

To achieve this, an ATS ( Applicant Tracking System ) can be used which, in addition to setting filters, automatically publishes an offer in more than 200 recruitment sources, centralizes the reception of CVs, avoids duplicates, quickly find and reduce errors in the management of resumes, candidates and hires.To select the best candidate, we can use different tools existing in the recruitment and selection software . One of the most effective is the dashboard, a feature that allows you to establish the skills required by the position to confirm the suitability of candidates for the profile sought .

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