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AccessiBe Talks About Why Web Accessibility is Important for Online Content


Web accessibility or digital accessibility implies to the ability to make a website, app, or software accessible to individuals who have a disability that affects their hearing, vision, cognition, and/or motor functions. A number of assistive technology tools have been developed over the decades to help people with disabilities and make it easier for them to navigate websites and interact with their content. These tools include screen readers, screen magnifiers, eye tracking tools, and so on. Companies like AccessiBe have also cropped up, which specializes in offering web accessibility software for people with disabilities. This company is focused on working to solve the problem of web accessibility through AI.

AccessiBe discusses the reason to create accessible content

The most crucial reason to create accessible content is that web accessibility can significantly expand the audience of any brand, organization, or individual. Disabilities affect around a billion people across the world, and individuals with disabilities access the internet in a variety of ways. People having vision disabilities may use assistive technologies like screen magnifiers and screen readers. On the other hand, users with mobility issues can use trackballs, eye-tracking systems, and head pointers to control their web browsers. Accessible websites offers an improved experience to all these users by putting emphasis on certain important principles, including that content has to be robust, perceivable, operable, and understandable. By maintaining an accessible approach, a website can increase its reach to a good extent.

The principles of web accessibility are actually aligned closely with the best web design practices. After all, if the content is easy to operate and perceive, it invariably benefits every online user. While accurate closed captions do accommodate people with hearing disabilities, many other users also find captions more engaging. Similarly, a simpler user authentication process can definitely help individuals with mobility or memory impairments, but on the whole, almost all users shall be benefited from a more streamlined login process that can elevate customer retention and conversions.

Appropriate color contrast ratios are important to web accessibility as it makes text legible for people with vision disabilities. Color contrast basically refers to the difference in contrast between the foreground elements like text and the background of a website. Making use of proper color contrast can reduce eyestrain for almost all users. Writing concise and clear content is the key to accommodating individuals with learning disabilities. But ultimately, all users benefit from this approach, and clearer content helps get message across more efficiently.

Accessible websites typically use cleaner code. This means that they have lesser errors, faster load times, as well as better search engine positioning. One can actually end up paying less for the maintenance of such sites, when it comes to refreshing content or adding features. AccessiBe is one of the most dependable companies that can help people in the development of accessible websites. This Israeli technology company was founded in 2018, and has emerged as a market leader in web accessibility over the years. Their vision is to make the internet accessible so that everyone, with and without disabilities, are able to enjoy what it has to offer.

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