Missed Your Flight? Know Whether You Can Claim Travel Insurance?


Missing a flight can be a traveller’s worst nightmare, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances, like overbooking, can disrupt your plans. In such cases, airlines must arrange an alternative flight, accommodation, and meals if necessary. Regulations from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) allow you to claim up to Rs 20,000 if denied boarding due to overbooking without a rescheduled flight within an hour. Travel insurance benefits become evident when unexpected events, such as missed flights or travel disruptions, are seamlessly managed, providing peace of mind to travellers.

Connection Woes: Delays And Insurance Coverage

If a missed connection results from airline delays, such as technical issues, the airline must rebook you on the next available flight and provide lodging and meals if needed. However, recovery can be trickier for non-travel-related reasons, such as a flat tyre or oversleeping. Bajaj Allianz travel insurance might cover missed departures, but strict conditions apply. *

Qualifying Events For Missed Departure Coverage

Insurers typically recognise events like strikes, accidents, public transport disruptions, car breakdowns, or the demise of a close relative as valid reasons for missed flights. Oversleeping or misreading the time usually doesn’t qualify for reimbursement. Connecting flight delays due to airline-related issues are usually covered by travel insurance, provided terms and conditions are met.

Scenarios If You Miss Your Flight

If you miss your flight, the airline may announce your name to expedite boarding. If security checks are done, ground crew assistance can help. If not, contact the airline for further assistance.

Refunds: Not Guaranteed For Missed Flights

If the airline is not at fault, you won’t be compensated for the unused portion of your ticket. Airlines typically refund cancelled or pre-cancelled flights where you inform them in advance. Some airlines may have a refund process, but patience is required, and timeframes vary, especially for credit card payments.

Coverage For Missed Connecting Flights

Bajaj Allianz travel insurance may cover additional transportation costs for missed connecting flights due to qualifying events. Conditions for recovery may include common carrier delays, severe weather, natural disasters, traffic accidents, terrorist attacks, aircraft hijackings, quarantine situations, or delays on prior trips leading to missed connections. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the travel insurance policy. *

Bajaj Allianz travel health insurance ensures comprehensive coverage and peace of mind for travellers, offering financial protection against unforeseen medical expenses. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the travel insurance policy. *

Filing A Claim For A Missed Flight

Specific paperwork is essential when filing a claim for a missed flight. Original, unused travel documents and a detailed explanation of the delay, including accident reports if applicable, are typically required. Airlines are responsible for delays or cancellations, and the policy document’s limits must be followed for the entire claim.

Embrace The Unexpected: Adventure Awaits

Missing a flight is inconvenient, but not the end. If your new flight is delayed, view it as an opportunity to explore more. Travel is about adventure, so embrace unexpected detours, turning challenges into opportunities for a different adventure with a positive mindset.

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