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Impact of Artificial Intelligence Technology to SEO


AI in SEO isn’t a new concept. We’re all aware that Google employs AI bots to scan and rank millions of websites each day. But how does Google handle AI in SEO? It’s clear through Google’s research project, “Google Brain,” and its acquisition of DeepMind in 2014, that AI technology will be a significant influence across all areas of Google search.

SEO follows Google’s search engine results. As such, AI and machine learning are becoming increasingly important in our strategies. It’s likely that AI will be integrated into understanding queries and delivering users’ answers, a strategy that Bing AI is already implementing.

The Current State of AI in the SEO Industry

The primary difference now is that SEO Specialists have access to a wide array of technologies, including ChatGPT. These capabilities and features are continuously evolving.

Their ability to derive insights from large amounts of data makes them perfect for SEO tasks. Numerous tools specialize in the technical, on-page, and off-page aspects of SEO.

How Does AI Operate in the SEO Industry?

Content optimization is the most common use of AI in SEO, but there are many other areas where AI can be beneficial:

Algorithm updates. Major search engines incorporate (or have incorporated) AI and machine learning elements into their algorithms. This enhances their ability to deliver relevant and authoritative search results, as well as interpret users’ intentions when they pose ambiguous queries.

GPT-3 and AI-based writing. ChatGPT and other AI copywriting tools can handle repetitive writing tasks. Given that SEO strategies revolve around content, machine learning algorithms that can produce human-like writing on a large scale are becoming more proficient.

Data analytics and predictive models. AI can analyze vast amounts of data simultaneously, enabling you to examine your competitors, conduct keyword research, evaluate your website’s technical aspects, and more – all in a very short time. These tools can also suggest changes to your website to improve its performance.

Task automation. Automation of repetitive tasks such as writing product descriptions and meta descriptions can be done with the right tools. This function is particularly beneficial when tasks are based on a repeatable formula and can often be found in the same AI and copywriting tools mentioned earlier.

This post was written by Kristian D’An. St Petersburg SEO company.

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