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How to write a good press release that will appeal to Income Tax.?


Too rarely used by small businesses, start-ups and even freelancers, the press release is nevertheless a very interesting and very powerful marketing tool… provided you know a few main principles  Income Tax.

strengthen your image in relation to your competitors…

It is a tool that rarely brings thousands of leads immediately, but it will be present in the minds of your customers and prospects, and reassure  Income Tax.

Indeed, it is rare that a person who reads a media (newspaper, magazine, news site, etc.) is exactly at that moment in the purchasing phase.Most people who read media find out, and it’s only later, once the idea has germinated in their minds, that they will contact you.And so, despite being spread in a magazine, website… in 80% of cases don’t expect more than a slight thrill from your sales  Income Tax…

The impact of a press release is counted in the long term, and will help you to have more credibility:Archiving of the PDF of the article in the “Press” section of your websiteThrough regular communication efforts, you will build an image and attract the “spotlight” to your business.To maintain visibility, you must maintain your visibility, whether through events, the publication of white papers, forums, etc.The goal with press relations is to be recognized as a “leader” in your sector of activity, to be an essential reference, and thus to be in the repository of suppliers of products and services in your category  Income Tax. .

Press relations are therefore a long-term job , unlike communication shots which are opportunistic and have a short-term impact.A communication coup is, for example, a Street  Income Tax Marketing operation for a product release, for a trade show, etc.How to write a good press release and get visibility with influencers?  12.How to write a good press release and get visibility with influencers?  13How to write a good press 14

A communication campaign can also do “newsjacking” in order to get people talking about a brand by diverting a topical subject.

In this context, the goal is not to get journalists talking about you, but to benefit from the “buzz” of social media.

However, for your newsjacking to work, you almost necessarily have to pay to prime the traffic pump (eg: sponsor your content on Facebook, buy ads on Twitter, etc.), and promote your content to influencers (eg: bloggers specialized in the theme…) and journalists with a strong digital sensitivity and a large community on Social Media.

Here is an example with SIXT which hijacked the news of many famous people:

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