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Discover How To Protect Your Home Loan With Term Insurance


Purchasing a home is a major financial objective for the majority of individuals. A young family nowadays would have a very difficult time affording a home on their own. If you decide to take out a loan, keep in mind that the lender won’t give you the full amount. You will have to pay stamp duty and other registration fees apart from the 20% down payment and yearly interests. Moreover, the EMI for your house loan shouldn’t exceed 50% of your monthly salary. This will help you keep your spending within reasonable bounds. This is where term insurance will come handy. Let’s explore how.

Why Insure The Home Loan?

When you have a consistent paycheck, paying your EMIs isn’t a burden. However, have you considered how your family would survive if something happened to you? Your wage aids in the survival and well-being of your family if you are the breadwinner. The lender may take possession of the property if your family defaults on the loan. With all of this in mind, it makes perfect sense to use a term plan to secure your house loan. The term policy payout will assist your family in repaying the loan in your absence.

How Term Insurance Helps?

Your loan can be secured in a number of different ways. However, the majority of consumers choose term insurance. Here are some reasons why a term coverage is the best option to protect your mortgage

Greater Coverage for Lower Premiums

Term insurance policies are purely protective. They are the least expensive life insurance product available since they do not include any additional maturity benefits. Choose a life insurance policy with a bit more coverage than your mortgage balance ideally. Your nominee will be able to repay the debt worry-free thanks to the policy’s payment.

Benefit Amount Is Fixed

If you choose a loan cover insurance plan, the amount of the cover is determined by the outstanding loan instalments. So, as time passes, the cover amount gets smaller. No matter how much debt you have, when you buy a term plan, the sum insured stays the same. These insurance plans are a safer choice to protect your home loan because they provide a fixed benefit amount.

Transfer Assistance

You may decide to change the lender. Your interest rate and EMI payments may change if you do this. Since a loan insurance policy is dependent on the loan and repayment, the transfer may need a significant amount of documentation. Fortunately, term plans are not dependent on other information. Therefore, your term plan will continue to offer the same level of coverage even if you switch lenders for your loan.

Transfer Support

In the future, you could decide to switch the lender. If you do this, your interest rate and EMI payments can vary. A substantial quantity of documents may be required for the transfer because a loan insurance policy depends on the loan and repayment. Thankfully, term plans are independent of other data. Therefore, even if you change lenders for your loan, your term plan will still provide the same amount of coverage.

Choosing A Good Policy

Here is a guide to choose the finest term insurance policy if you still owe money on your house. 

Establish A Budget

Home loans are typically not cheap, but term insurance plans are. It’s critical that you don’t compromise your existing lifestyle in order to stretch your finances too thin. Use term insurance premium calculators to compare the costs of several policies before choosing one. Choose a term plan offered by well-known firms like Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance that is tied to house loans and whose premium payments can be made in addition to the EMI. There are several alternatives for the policy term and premium-paying period which is the finest aspect. This enables you to select the one that best suits your needs.

Select The Level Of Insurance

The following stage entails choosing how much your family will need to pay down the loan balance as well as cover additional costs brought on by everyday necessities. According to experts, consumers should acquire insurance coverage that is at least 10 times their yearly salary. In order to get a complete picture of the cost of a house loan, it is recommended to add the outstanding balance to the term insurance coverage.

Increase The Base Policy’s Riders

In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, riders can greatly lessen the financial load for your family. Plans for term insurance include several riders for things like critical diseases, accidental death, disability, and terminal illnesses. These are accessible by making extra premium payments. The additional advantages can be utilised to compensate for income loss caused by any of the aforementioned factors and prevent loan repayment failure.


Applicants should get term insurance and include a variety of riders against severe illnesses and accidental deaths in order to successfully avoid placing the financial burden of repaying the house loan on family members. If the sum guaranteed allows, the death benefit funds from the house loan-linked term insurance can be utilised to cover both the EMIs and additional costs. 

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